The Hunt for Harald (HFE Course)
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Introduction to Denmark
Introduction to Denmark

Get to know Denmark

Welcome to Denmark.

Denmark is a relatively small country consisting of the peninsula of Jutland and 406 islands. The two largest islands are Zealand and Funen. Denmark's capital is Copenhagen and is located on Zealand.

The Danish population counts approximately 5.4 million people, of which 85% live in the cities and about 5% of the population are foreigners. Most places in Denmark are close to the coast. Denmark is a fairly flat country. The highest point is about 170 meters. Denmark is a monarchy with a representative democracy as a governance.

On this trip we will take you to Vejle, in the southeastern part of Jutland, and then on to Jelling where the old Vikings lived. We wish you a good and educational, but challenging journey.

The Hunt for Harald
The Hunt for Harald

Welcome to The Hunt for Harald.

The hunt for Harald is an interactive language learning game where you play Bob Johnson, a journalist from Hawaii, who has come to Denmark to find Denmark's place of birth. (Arnested actually means "the place where something began".) In your hunt for Arnestedet you will at the same time learn enough Danish language and culture to be able to cope and also write a travel guide.

Try to learn and remember as much as possible. You never know where, when, or in front of whom you need their knowledge.

You are Bob Johnson
You are Bob Johnson

To complete the game there are some things you need to know about Bob as you play. This information you need on your journey through Denmark.

Your name is Bob Johnson and you are from Honolulu, Hawaii. You have come to Denmark to write a travel guide for your employer, Hele Publications. You are 42 years old and married  to Elizabeth, who is an archaeologist. You live in a house together, and have a son who is 13 years old.

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